Recent Poetry, Other Poetry, Other Other (writing and teaching and interviews) by Rachel Mindell.

Recent Poetry


above/ground press: rib and instep: honey (chapbook)

Anti-Heroin Chic: "SurfSun"

Black Warrior Review: "Canny" (forthcoming)

Bear Review: "All Dressed in White"

The Collapsar: "Adjustment" 

Cosmonauts Avenue: "Lucky rabbit on the spit and who will eat her"

Dancing Girl Press: Like a Teardrop and a Bullet (chapbook)

decomP: "Fancy Poultry Parts"

Deluge: "Negative"

Denver Quarterly: "Relationships for $200"

Foglifter: "#1 Guide"

Forklift, Ohio: "Walrus"

Frontier: "Brief History of Meat"  

Glass Poetry: "Insemination" 

Hawaii Review: "Say Grace" (forthcoming - Queer Issue)

Interim: "Intimates," "Kick," "Meaning to ask" 

The Journal: "Mummy," "Which Lie to Believe"

NightBlock: "What Sailing," "Cougar in her car"

Noble/Gas Qtrly: "Spider"                

Really System: "Life as we know it"        

Sundog Lit: "Mother" 

Susan/The Journal: "Sparks," To my demi-Judaism"

Tammy: "Etymology" 

Verse of April: (Anti-)Tribute to Anne Carson                                    

Other Poetry

Alternating Current: "Homestead Cash Register," "Boxed Bottles, 1888," "Opposition to Cranks of That Stripe"  

Anti-: "Diamond City Ghost"

apt: "Susan Sontag hates you Mr. Interview"

BOAAT: "Sluice"

Bombay Gin: "Green"

The Boiler: "Devil’s File," "Listen to the Dress"

Cloud Rodeo: "Sedlec Ossuary," "Sedlec Ossuary"    

Cream City Review: "Because we are not animals, napkins"

THE DESTROYER: "Landscape"

DIAGRAM: "I am Zsa Zsa Gabor Says Monkey"

Front Porch: "YearsOneTwo," "Dimension"

gritty silk: "Follow Temptation and Desire" (collaboration with Crystal Hartman)

Horse Less Review: "Chile Aji Amarillo," "Chile Cascabel"

inter|rupture: "Palomas Ave./Spruce St."

Pool: "From Zero to Sixty," "Best Shoes on I’m Ready"

The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society: "Cafe Poca"

SOFTBLOW: "Boa," "Mouth of Teeth," "Palomas Ave.,"  "That wall"  

Souvenir: "Dear attention span"

Verde Que Te Quiero Verde: "Fable" (Open Country Press)

Yemassee: "Here catch," "Lodestar"

Other Other

All Accounts and Mixture: Founded w/ Allison Linville

CutBank: "Zero Chill…" Review of Charlotte Seley

CutBank: Interview with Eileen Myles

Forty Years of CutBank: Lead Editor

Gertrude Press: "Go Wide..." Review of Samiya Bashir

Gertrude Press: "Can You Handle the Real Thing..." Review of Dorothy Chan

Gertrude Press: "Sound Makes a Sound…" Review of Rae Gouirand

Glass Poetry: "Meanwhile, Our Situation..." Review of Ben Doller

Kickstarter: Montana Book Festival

Lesson Plan: UA Poetry Center (after Ada Limon)

Lesson Plan: UA Poetry Center (after Joseph McGeschick)

Lesson Plan: UA Poetry Center w/ TC Tolbert (after Maurice Kenny)   

Lines + Stars: A Review of Crumb-sized by Marlena Chertock

Missoulian: MBF 2016

Montana Public Radio: MBF 2015

Reflections West: "Incubating or Unravelling"

Stonewall Series 2018: Presentation

Sonora Review: Interview

Valley Journal: "Students share poetic imagination"

Valley Journal: "Stayin’ alive: keeping poetry relevant"

What Now? Contest: Sandwich Fiasco

UA Poetry Center: Fail Better

UA Poetry Center: "Why Memorize"

University of Montana: Masters of Literature Thesis on Anne Carson

Photo by Kristopher Roller